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VFD Unit Is a device which works as a  Micro inverter to convert DC voltage generated by the  solar pv panels. The critical function of the VFD is to control and boost the voltage and frequency of the electric power generated by the pv panel. The Main function of the vfd is  to manipulate and keep the voltage and frequency

Benefits of VFD  Solar water pumps:

Solar water pumps are used for irrigation of crops, water livestock and provide portable drinking water. Solar water pump uses peak solar array output which frequently coincides with high water demand during long, dry summer days. In the event of cloudy weather solar water pump systems often use storage tanks to store excess water. Solar water pumps do not require fuel or constant maintenance. Solar water pumps can also be designed for portability to be moved as water demand or change of season requires. Their operating cost is less compared to diesel pumps.

Solar  VFD systems require no fuel and little or no maintenance. This system needs a shadow ? free area for installing the solar panel.


  • Clean and efficient
  • GRID power is not required
  • No fuel cost
  • Low labor and maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable
  • Durable
  • Eco friendly 
  • Long operating life ( Usually 20 to 40 years)
  • Easy to remove, transport and store
  • Non polluting  
  • No need of complicated wiring
  • Simple to install

Following are some other options that Enso Green Energy offers under its fold:

  1. VFD Irrigation Pumps:  MARKET:: Agriculture Sector.
    • VFD - Variable Frequency Drivers  to run water pumps – 1 HP /1 KW –to draw water from 50ft to 120 ft.
    • VFD - to  run water pumps - 2-3 HP/3 KW – to draw water from 130 ft to 200 ft.
    • VFD - to run water pumps - 3-5 HP/5 KW – to draw water from 200ft  to  650 ft.
    • Home Lighting – Town Villages.
    • Home Fans and Coolers.
    • Student Lamp only. Vidyarthy Deepam.
    • Student Study Lamp and Fan
    • Mobile Chargers
    • Defence – Solar charges for Communications and Electronic Equipment
    • Security + Surveillance Systems / Remote Areas, CCTV Cameras.
    • Domestic Invertors
    • Street Lights
  2. Home Lighting Systems--  MARKET:: Towns & Villages.
  3. Personal Lighting Systems –  MARKET:: GOVT. Schemes.
  4. Solar Power Packs.– MARKET::  Commercial ,Para Military & Defence sector
  5. Solar Power Systems – MARKET::  Domestic users.
  6. VFD – Industrial Application: MARKET::  Small & Medium Industries.
    • Industrial – VDF 3 & 5 & 7.5 Hp Motors  for Industrial Units.
  7. Other Products. Future
    • Solar Cookers
    • Solar Bicycles
    • Solar Micro Inverters
    • Solar Refrigerators. Remote Medicine  Storages.

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