Corporate Governance


Integrity, accountability and transparency are the cornerstones on which the Enso Group exists. Enso maintains equilibrium between corporate governance and value creation for all its stakeholders.

Our unwavering commitment to fair business practices and respect for the people and environment is evident from our unblemished track record. We believe great organisations are not built solely out of profits but through the admiration they command from the society.

Corporate citizenship

We express support for fundamental human rights and avoid participating in business activities that abuse human rights. We act in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which we operate, and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of communities. We aspire to act in a manner that minimises the detrimental environmental impacts of our business operations. We encourage the support of charitable, educational and community service activities. We are committed to supporting international and local efforts to eliminate corruption and financial crimes. 




For detailed information on our Business code of conduct (Enso Group Ethical Conduct & Code Of Business) and HR Policies/ HR Manual please check the download section for PDF versions of both.


Enso Foundation

Enso Foundation

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