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With a staggering population of 7.7 billion, the world has continuously evolved and changed and has often been under attack by its inhabitants. Proponents of the global warming phenomenon argue that companies shouldn't drill oil and environmental NGOs argue that mining should be constrained, and things like there are all sorts of problems that arise in the areas where there are dams. While these ecological issues are valid, life cannot stop and industries cannot stop and must not stop and should continue to ameliorate lifestyle, create employment, add value and stimulate generations of future growth. The key word here is " sustainability" and that is applicable to the microcosm of the environment, the corporation, the nation and the world which is our home and for us to harness for generations so they thank us. Technology is changing rapidly and we should encourage that but with a sound mind, also look at the people in various parts of the world that cannot afford quality education, healthcare, electricity, telecommunication facilities and continue to uplift them as otherwise growth becomes unsustainable. This is valid within a nation, within cities and towns and overall the demographic spread of such gaps is spread globally, with some nations having less and some more. While its important to take stock of where we stand, it is equally important to work with accelerated speed to bridge this important gap and herein lies not just a better society, here lies a thriving culture of give and take. Commerce will ultimately thrive in these regions. Finance will flourish as they are the future markets, future shareholders, future entrepreneurs and often will come with work with fiery speed to rise up. We just have to give them a holding hand and show some benevolence. This is the future and I think future starts faster than you can type its first alphabet. Education, too, is key.

One thing I am proud of is of my family's Indian origins but another thing that is worth mentioning here is that we don't think we are just Indian anymore, we think we are global citizens. Out group is globally spread and diversified and we believe in doing a good job, that is our objective.

Enso means universe, circle of enlightenment, void and such things. Our logo too is a circle. Hope you enjoy the website.


Vaibhav Maloo

Managing Director

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