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Enso Foundation is committed to sustainable development by promoting well being of global citizens in need of health and aim to promote a life which is Enlightened. 'Enlightened Life', our slogan is aimed at communicating a way of life that has a plethora of awareness, responsibility, enriching moments and above all, peace and tranquility.

Education - Offering a helping hand

Enso Foundation was set up with a mission to drive its corporate social responsibility objectives through the upliftment of the underprivileged sections of society. To achieve its philanthropic goals, the Group has introduced several educational programs by working with NGO's working towards underprivileged children education and healthcare in India and across the globe. 

Healthcare - A healing touch for the underprivileged

World-class healthcare is high on the agenda for Enso Foundation. The Foundation donates advanced equipment, organises health camps, donates computers & laptops, and distributes medicines to the underprivileged sections of society.

Enso Group has also taken upon the task of promoting health and fitness for all. The bottom of the economic pyramid has always been our concern and we have, from time to time, risen to include them in our growth. 

Children - Safeguarding the planet's future

Enso, being aware of children being the future of this planet is doing its part to aid underprivileged kids around the world by supporting NGOs in various parts of the world. These NGOs work for child development in terms of healthcare, education, welfare and nutrition. 

Fitness - A healthy mind is in a healthy body

With the aim to produce health and fitness, we take pride in having been associated with Tour de India by ID Sports and Fitness, an initiative that promotes cycling and cycling events.






Enso Foundation

Enso Foundation

Enso Foundation is committed to sustainable development...



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